About company

VIC Group was created in 1990 figures for many years among the leading Russian veterinary companies.
VIC Animal Health is the research and manufacturing arm of the Group.
VIC Animal Health manufacturing facilities are located on the territory of the Vitebsk Free Economic Zone, in Belarus, and allow the company to produce at the highest quality standards a large range of anthelmintic, antimicrobial, hormonal, coccidiostatic, antiseptic and anti-endometritis drugs.
Since its foundation in 1994, VIC Animal Health has continuously increased its volumes of production, the range of products manufactured and their sophistication, and its own standards of quality. The plant complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) international norms.
This exigency allows VIC products to be recognized not only in Russia but also in all neighboring countries as customers in the region reward VIC business principles:

  • Guarantee of quality;
  • Value for money;
  • Wide range of products and services;
  • Extensive regional network;
  • Adaptability of each individual customer.


www.vicgroup.ru www.vetmarket.ru www.tdvic.ru www.vetpribor.ru