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The VIC group specialist successfully spoke at the respectable agricultural summit VIC Group of Companies participated in the summit 'Agrarian policy of Russia: product safety and quality'.

The event is already the sixth in a row, and for the first time was held in a hybrid format, combining online and offline sites. The Summit moderator, Executive Director of the National Union of meat processors, Ekaterina Luchkina noted, that the best industry experts were invited as speakers– specialists and analysts, agricultural scientists, heads of large companies of the Russian agro-industrial complex . "They are ready to share with agricultural producers the invaluable experience that has been accumulated over a long time and is designed to help improve the efficiency of agricultural production," she emphasized. Vitaliy Durakov, the VIC group leading specialist in laboratory diagnostics and diseases of pigs, during the session on pig breeding made an online presentation on ensuring the biosafety of a pig breeding enterprise. Participation in large-scale industry events of highly qualified specialists helps to improve the company's image, promote products and services among potential buyers. The summit addressed issues of digitalization in agriculture, meat market development, breeding and pedegree stock farming. Vitaly spoke in detail about the most common way infection carrying to a pig breeding enterprise – through externally purchased replacements. Serological analysis can not always identify the disease carriers, so laboratory tests of the tissues of slaughtered animals should become handy.

The speaker's visual presentation and economic calculations aroused genuine interest in this topic. According to Summit organizers, the participants both present in the room and watching the presentation online, highly appreciated the VIC group representative's speech and noticed its interesting and useful content. About 850 people, including leading specialists and Heads of Russian agro-industrial enterprises, could listen to the presentation, which focused, in particular, on products for swine diseases laboratory diagnostics by BioChek and its technical support by VIC group specialists.

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