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From May to July, three hand-on training sessions on the topic of Enzyme immunodetection in poultry farming using BioChek test systems were conducted at the BioChek training center on the territory of the VIC NPF.

The sessions were delivered by the head of the VIC diagnostic center Natalia Ivanova and the specialist of the diagnostic center Artem Kachalov.

The training organizers aimed not only to tell about the advantages of BioChek test systems, but also to teach all the subtleties of setting the ELISA reaction, working in the BioChek II program, calculating the forecast of the vaccination date according to the Deventer formula and interpreting the result obtained. Lyudmila Alexandriv, a specialist in poultry farming from BioChek, was invited to participate in the training delivery, lecturing online.

The duration of each training session was two days: May 19 - 20, June 22 - 23 and July 8 - 9. The first event was attended by the production laboratories specialists of the Siberian region - LLC Sayansky Broiler and JSC PRODO Poultry Farm Sibirskaya, employees of the production laboratories of Cherkizovo Group (JSC Chicken Kingdom Lipetsk, LLC Broiler-Invest, LLC Lisko Broiler) participated int he second event, the representatives of the production laboratories of LLC Ravis, LLC Uralbroiler, LLC Poultry Farm Artemovskaya joined the third session.

On the first day, as part of the practical part of the training, participants were given the opportunity to pass certification with a control serum, verifying their professional level. On the second day, during the theoretical part of the event, they analyzed the results obtained the day before. The main principles of the results interpretation were also demonstrated, examples provided of how the results of a serological study help doctors to make the correct diagnosis in combination with the clinical picture, the results of a pathoanatomic autopsy and the epizootological situation at the enterprise.

A tour of the NPF VIC production sites and the almost ideal conditions created at the production site aroused great interest of specialists.

At the end of the trainings, certificates and memorable gifts were awarded. The participants thanked the organizers and left positive feedback about the event.


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